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We deliver robust, mission critical RIA applications built using AJAX, Flex, AIR, Silverlight and similar technologies to our customers around the globe. Get started on yours today!


Rich Internet Applications or RIA is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in web technologies. At Digital Mesh, we were among the early adopters of RIA. As soon as it hit the market, we immediately began championing its cause with our customers.

RIA fulfills on the promise to transform the user’s web application experience. We have been building Flex based applications for the browser, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) applications for the desktop, Silverlight, and AJAX applications for many years now. Our clients use them in demanding environments with astounding results.

If you are looking for an application that will give users a rich immersive experience, improve user satisfaction, and increase productivity then you should talk to us about your project requirements. RIA enables you to enforce consistency across browsers and operating systems with its write once, run anywhere deployment philosophy.

Our team have architected, designed, and built many RIA based applications. In fact, many of these projects continue to be maintained by us to date.

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