Microsoft SQL Server


For mission critical deployments in a predominantly Microsoft programming environment MS SQL Server is a no brainer fit.


When your deployment environment is primarily built on Microsoft technologies, Microsoft SQL Server is an easy fit. We constantly keep ourselves updated with the latest version of MS SQL Server thus ensuring that we are able to take advantage of the latest features and additions to the product. We use MS SQL Server in mission critical deployments both on the web and across intranets.

MS SQL Server is not just a “Microsoft only” only back end database system. It has successfully worked with other programming environments like ColdFusion or PHP. Irrespective of your front end we are skilled at using MS SQL Server and have trained DBAs to manage the administration and fine tuning of databases whether in a mission critical live scenario or during development.

To get started on your MS SQL Server based project please do send us your project requirements. We will respond within 12 business hours.

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