Our Philosophy


Our growth can be attributed to many things but at its core, it hinges on three tenets that we have stuck to in everything we do


Commit to Only What We Can Do


We only commit to what we can deliver. Thus, if we find that we are not able to meet your requirements, we will decline the project. The reason for this could be that we do not have the appropriate person available, that existing schedule is packed and we can’t give you a turnaround time that you are asking for or some other similar reason. Thus, if we do take up your assignment it is only because we are a 100% sure that we can deliver what we promised.


Understand the Client’s Requirements Meticulously


We take extra care in understanding your requirements. This might involve several exchanges and requests for clarification. We talk to you in terms of your business, not in terms of technology. Over the years we have gained expertise in multiple domains and in many instances we will be able to advise you on alternates, often cheaper alternates, to what you propose. While this might seem counter-intuitive, we have seen that we’ve never lost revenue because we’ve put your interest first.


Provide Exceptional Service & Delivery


We have a number of formal procedures, and processes to ensure that your project remains on schedule. One typical process is the Daily Project Update. The Project Manager will send you a status update on your project at the end of every day. Yes! You heard that right. Daily. This is one of the most visible processes that you can relate to. Directly and indirectly every process or procedure in the company in geared towards on time and on budget execution. Our People Policies is another process that ensures your project gets exceptional attention to detail.


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